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Life in a Family Owned Business

Firelands Hardware is a family owned and operated business and it's one of the aspects of life at the office that we are very proud and happy about. The owners, John and Paulette, have been happily married since 1982 and two of their children work in the office. Mason manages the warehouse operations, while Ellie manages the office and the books.

Our office (and family) wouldn't be complete without the office pups. You might even hear a bark or two in the background of a phone call. We keep plenty of treats to spoil them throughout the day and we love watching them play. We jokingly refer to them as our official security team because they will always alert us when someone is here, and they have to make sure to check everyone out. There are always treats next to the door to make sure everyone passes their inspection.

From left to right is Luna, Mabel, and Penny - our wonderful office pups.

We are also very fortunate to have the next generation of Firelands Hardware excited to be around the office. John and Paulette have 4 grandchildren aged 1 - 9. They all love honking the horn on the forklift and helping around the office by putting stamps on envelopes and taping up boxes in the warehouse.

We're a lucky family. We get the best of both worlds. As a family owned business, sometimes work lunches become family dinners, with Paulette making some of the family favorites or John and Mason firing up the grill. Ellie is the baker in the family, so we can usually count on her to bring in some cookies or cupcakes.


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